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Leverage the latest AI and machine learning technologies to digitize your business information parsing of documents, sheets, images & more.

Parser – Auto-Tagging of Risks

Artificial Intelligence based algorithms to streamline the identification and categorization of risks, enhancing risk management processes for improved efficiency and accuracy.

With our advanced document parser, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), identifying and creating EPC risk objects becomes effortless. Through intelligent algorithms, our parser automatically seeks out and identifies risks, streamlining the risk management process.


Simply upload your organization’s list of pre-defined risks, and our AI-driven data model will be trained to recognize and create smarter auto-tags specifically related to risk. This automated tagging capability enhances efficiency and accuracy in risk identification, ensuring comprehensive risk management across your organization.

Our parser can automatically identify and extract SOPs from various document formats, allowing you to quickly analyze, update, and optimize your business procedures.

With our software, you can easily parse and extract information from legal and compliance documents, including contracts, policies, and regulations. This can help ensure compliance and reduce the risk of legal issues.

Our parser is designed to recognize and extract data from various healthcare and life science documents, such as patient records, lab reports, and clinical trial data. This can help accelerate research and improve patient outcomes.

Our software can parse and extract data from financial documents, such as invoices, receipts, and statements, helping to streamline accounting and auditing processes.

Increase Your Productivity By Parsing

Our software’s ability to dissect important information and compile data is an incredible asset in any industry. From SOPs and compliance documentation to financial statements and technical reports, our parser ensures accurate and efficient data extraction for improved data management and analysis across companies in all sectors. 

Parser – Auto-Tagging of Roles

Artificial Intelligence based algorithms to streamline the identification and categorization of risks, enhancing risk management processes for improved efficiency and accuracy.

Our parser utilizes AI to automatically tag roles within documents, parsing them based on tasks, contextual information, and procedural details for precise identification.

With a trained model, our parser delivers reliable results. You can further enhance the auto-tagging of roles by loading and training the model with your specific roles, as well as extracting asset and system names to refine and optimize performance.

Our parser feature enables a seamless integration between the parser and EPC by effortlessly associating objects created or assigned within the parser with their corresponding elements in the EPC environment. This integration ensures consistency and alignment of information, enhancing the overall efficiency of your processes.


In addition to object integration, the parser allows for the efficient updating of existing flow objects in EPC by migrating Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document roles that were previously tagged in the parser. This streamlined process ensures that role assignments and responsibilities remain up to date, saving time and effort in maintaining accurate documentation within your EPC environment.

Parser – Roles Associated with all Processes

Effortlessly Associate Objects and Roles between Parser and EPC

Parser – Training the Model

Build on the Artificial Intelligence by training the model

Auto-tagging function to parse roles by task / depending on where it is in the text / procedure

Accelerate your migration projects by using parser

is trained with more than 100,000 roles out-of-box

Can load the model to train it based on your specific roles – to improve the results of the auto-tagging of roles

Extract the name of your assets and systems and your rules and policies

Parser – Rule Builder

Leverage Interfacing’s document process mining parser, which allows you to build your custom parsing rules

Users will be able to create rules that can improve the quality of the parsing results.

These rules are helpful for different cases. For example, when the original document is not formatted according to corporate standards, when users want to mass replace objects that are already tagged, ignore some specific tags, etc.

Our parser now has the ability to recognize .jpg images, making it easier for organizations to streamline their process map creation process. 

With this powerful new feature, your organization can save valuable time and resources while creating detailed process maps with ease. 

By automatically detecting the shapes and positions of flow objects, text, and transitions within the uploaded images, our parser allows for seamless exportation to 3-rd party systems through sophisticated API integration which allows you to take rapidly export and maneuver results from one workspace to another.

AI-Image Recognition Parsing

Say goodbye to manual data entry and sorting through piles of documents. Our cutting-edge parser software automates the process of extracting information from all types of files and images, saving you time and improving accuracy.

More About Us

ParserPilot is an advanced technology used by an Integrated Management System made by Interfacing. A data mining parser composes one of the features that make up Interfacing’s EPC. An Enterprise Process Center (EPC) is a smart all-in-one business suite that aids companies manage their business processes, track performance & analytics, ensure compliance and much more.

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