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Data Processing & Digital Transformation

Create customized tracking codes, leverage advanced digital services, and design user-friendly forms without writing a single line of code. Experience the agility, productivity, and automation that help significantly improve business agility.

Sophisticated Business Platform

Elevate your digital automation across all department with our Digital Business Platform. Experience the power of low-code development in automating tasks, enhancing process visibility, and improving overall efficiency.

Automized Notifications & Follow ups

Set up customized triggers and workflows, ensuring that the right people receive timely updates.

Create & Manage Tasks

Easily create and assign tasks, set priorities, and track progress in one centralized location.

Advanced Form Design

Create custom forms within minutes. Gather information easily without relying on external apps and services.
Automating Apps at Speed of Low-Code
Using innovative data flow management technology, tasks and workflows are easily assigned in a graphically friendly interface. Build, monitor, improve and share processes from a single repository.

Graphical Task and Workflow Assignment

Drag and drop elements, connect dependencies, and visually design your processes, making it intuitive for users to understand and manage their tasks effectively.

Rule-based AutomationRule-based Automation

Swiftly configure rules to trigger actions, automate repetitive tasks, and minimize the need for manual intervention.

Tracking Codes for Enhanced Process Visibility

DBP offers comprehensive tracking code support, providing a unique identifier for each task in a process. You can automatically assign tracking codes at the initiation stage or generate them based on customized formats.

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Electronic Services

Apply rules swiftly at any stage of the workflow to increase automation or minimize manual intervention in the process.

In-Time Notifications for Efficient Process Follow-Up:

Automate process follow-ups with in-time notifications across various platforms. Whether it's web-based, in-app, text message, or email notifications, DBP enables you to set up notifications based on different process steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is Low Code Development?

Low-code development is an approach that allows users to create applications with minimal hand-coding. It utilizes visual interfaces, drag-and-drop features, and preconfigured modules to simplify and expedite the application development process, enabling faster delivery and greater agility.

Do I need Programming Experience?

No, you don’t need extensive programming experience to utilize our low-code platform. The intuitive nature of our platform enables individuals with varying technical backgrounds to design, build, and deploy applications. However, understanding of programming concepts can be beneficial for more complex customization and building custom features.

What are Benefits of Low-Code?

Low-code development offers several advantages, including accelerated application delivery, increased productivity, and reduced costs. By automating manual tasks and providing visual modeling capabilities, low-code platforms enable businesses to focus on solving business problems rather than dealing with technical complexities.

Can I Customize Low-Code Applications?

Yes, you can customize applications created with low-code development. While low-code platforms offer visual development capabilities, they also provide options for adding custom code when necessary. This flexibility allows you to tailor the application’s functionality and appearance to meet your specific requirements.

Is Low-Code Entreprise-Friendly?

Absolutely! Low-code development is highly suitable for enterprise-grade applications. These platforms offer robust features such as security, scalability, integration capabilities, and lifecycle management, making them ideal for building complex and scalable applications that meet the demands of large organizations.

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LowCode is a software platform developed and powered by Interfacing, a leading solution that helps companies manage all their processes, tasks, document processing needs, and much more. LowCode was created to allow almost anyone create powerful and dynamic online applications without the need for extensive coding knowledge. 

Our dedicated team of experts ensures seamless integration, scalability, and exceptional user experiences, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle the technical aspects.

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